The Way That Everything Spins.

The way that everything spins. And it is like spiraling and when I was younger and had vertigo attacks I always thought it happened because some spacecraft was crashing into our planet. And now it doesn’t matter. And now I don’t care. And I’m dizzy like nobody’s business and it’s like being on the ocean amidst the waves and our boat is bouncing and it’s rocking. But everything is okay. Something is happening inside my head. And by that I mean brain and how come all of the dis-eases involving dizziness and fainting were looked at as spiritual issues? I wonder if my fainting in September was related to all this. There’s a headache pushing up against the front of my skull and somewhere there’s a back-up life and the spiraling is getting deeper which means that I am more wobbly. Do you recognize? And the response included a room number and a long corridor in a ritzy hotel with burgundy carpeting. When you go dizzy is there a trick that you reach for? In ballet, they always taught us to pick a spot in the room and focus on that very spot with each revolution. My eyes want to close and I know they want to close and maybe it’s time for the Dilaudid to start working, but I know I’d have to swallow it first. And your white knight took us out into the night, but it was just a quick flash. Underneath it because tearing down the building can’t be the answer. I hope somebody is following all of this. You are a doctor in a white coat. Something about not resisting help. And every time I close my eyes there is the horror movie. But pain is the breaking of the shell and I keep forgetting where I am but that’s not needed to fly.

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