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A Marionette’s Orgasm.
A marionette’s orgasm, and her cheeks were silken. Porcelain doll skin stretched across the hollows of her bones just so. I couldn’t help but touch her, but throw my essence all over her. She was...
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For Cait. I LOVE YOU, BABE. And I love that you get me. Love that Juliet can call you up just to hear Nat’s voice in the early-morning hours AND WE CAN DISCUSS THE YOGA-BALL SUTRA we never got around to writing after we healed from that silly bout of Mono that changed our lives […]

Volume Ten, Baby.

Let’s just skip ahead to that moment when we’re two blackbirds frolicking in a field of a thousand ravens–not because we’re impatient to blend into the abyss of homogeneity, but because we’re impatient to finally be together in the fresh open spaciousness AND SING OUR TRUTH SONGS AT VOLUME TEN. [Translate]

Top-Secret Recycling.

We recycle turn-key phrases like Grandma’s trusted recipes, like bubblegum wrappers, like red party cups, like sex. But it works. It works. Because the moment is always fresh. And I think we’re only running out of things to say because words don’t really matter anyways. I’d rather have your heart, babe. I’d rather have all […]

Being Tiresias.

I Tiresias, though blind, throbbing between two lives / […] can see / At the violet hour, the evening hour that strives / Homeward, and brings the sailor home from sea / […] I Tiresias, old man with wrinkled dugs / Perceived the scene, and foretold the rest– / I too awaited the expected guest. –excerpted […]

April is Rape Awareness Month.

An Open-Letter to my Rapist Dear AE, You ask why I’m not calling or texting or staying in touch. You ask why I’ve disappeared right before I’m supposed to come out for a visit. My answer? It’s simple, really. April is Rape Awareness Month. You are a rapist. You raped me. You violated me. You […]


Cocooned by your cologne You steal my hands away Before these arms can Wrap around your waist And pull you close to kiss. [Translate]


It’s a raven at the windowsill. Your hand tight at my throat again, your voice screaming my eyes shut. When I’m not in an-other’s orbit, the world is desolate and devoid of meaning. Forgetting. Forget. And the forgotten. Grocery list interrupted with perfect cut-scenes of shrieks. Horror on repeat. We are mimetic. Our reality is mimetic. We […]

Confess me.

“Confess me,” she said. And her plea rang from her bloodied lip and escaped into the ether. Her sobs shook her entire body. She was a fragile instrument reduced to its simplest functions. There wasn’t much that she could do at this point. It was too late to fight against herself any longer. She was […]

Blindfolds and Ashes.

Ex Astra Memoria. Blindfolds and ashes. His name is Imbroglio and that means confusion: who am I and who are you and what does it mean to be? Blindfold so you don’t see what you think you’re seeing; so you can’t succumb to the mind-trick reality illusion; ashes to remind you of the caloric body […]

Release Me.

“I release you to your own indwelling god,” he said. And my first impulse was to correct the capitalization and hyphenate that which we do not understand fully with the mind. I mean, I think he said that. It’s hard to tell… those last few days being such a blur. Snippets haven’t crept their way […]